Morocco, when to go?


If you have chosen Morocco as the destination of your future adventure, here you can find some useful tips to decide when to travel.

Climate in Morocco

First you need to find out about the climate of the country where you plan to organize your trip. The climate of Morocco varies according to the period chosen from region to region. Let’s get to know all the various microclimates that can be found together.

  • Mediterranean climate

The regions facing the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean have a temperate climate with low temperature variations. Winters are mild even if sometimes rainy and summers are hot and very windy.


  • Continental climate

The inland regions have long and harsh winters, there can often be snow in winter especially on the peaks from the High Atlas. Summers are hot and dry and temperatures become milder as you rise in altitude.

Alto Atlante

  • Desert climate

The desert climate is found in the Western Sahara and in the area bordering Algeria. Winters have high temperature variations between day and night with mild temperatures during the day. Summers are very hot but still dry and little rain.

Deserto di Merzouga

Morocco, thanks to its microclimate, can be visited throughout the year, the ideal times to visit it are spring (April-May) and autumn (September-October). In these periods the temperatures are perfect for excursions to desert areas, coastal areas and visits to the Imperial Cities.

We are waiting for you to personalize your tailor-made trip together, between ocean, desert and the major cities of Morocco, guided by our expert local guides.

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