Morocco, when to go?


If you have chosen Morocco as the destination of your future adventure, here you can find some useful tips to decide when to travel. Climate in Morocco First you need to find out about the climate of the country where you plan to organize your trip. The climate of Morocco[…]

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Friends of Morocco

Gli amici del Marocco

Below we explain why people in Morocco love cats very much, feed them and respect them and let them roam free in the cities and even in mosques. A legend says that Muhammad owned a cat named Muezza. One day, a poisonous snake sneaked into the sleeve of her robe[…]

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Trip to Dakhla

Traveling, as we know, is one of the pleasures of life. In fact, travel is one of those few things that can make us change our view of things and make us mature a new way of living our life, with a growing awareness of ourselves and others. This is[…]

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